Get Ready For The Platinum Jubilee!

Take your platinum Jubilee party to the next level with these ideas and preparations!

From 2 June to 5 June 2022 there will be a whole host of events — from the Trooping the Colour to The Platinum Jubilee Party In the Park — to mark the Queen’s 70-year reign. 

Across the country, people are preparing to hold Jubilee parties to commemorate. With these ideas and preparations, your Platinum Jubilee party will be a Royal success and a memorable one of a kind event in the UK, So don’t miss out! Check out these Jubilee party ideas to ensure your party is fit for a Queen. 

Prepare Your Garden

Make sure your garden is perfectly maintained before sending out those invitations. We recommend starting with some summer cleaning in your back garden, such as mowing the grass, weeding and tidying up in general. Check out our Summer in the Garden Blog for ideas on how to get your garden ready for the Jubilee and beyond.

Prepare Your Outdoor Bar

This is a perfect time to give your garden bar a new look and serve some royal-themed drinks. A Platinum Jubilee party isn't something you celebrate every day! Refresh your garden bar with a fresh coat of paint. Purchase some Union Jack bunting to hang on the walls. Stock up on alcohol and soft drinks. You could also get some matching glasses to keep with the theme. If you don't have an outdoor bar, there's still time to make your own - see our Summer in the Garden Blog for a step-by-step guide on how to create your own garden bar!


Create a festive outdoor wonderland in your back garden and embrace the Jubilee vibe. Your decorations and designs should incorporate Union Jacks. You can also hang flags around your patio or shed windows in addition to bunting. If you have an outdoor dining table, drape a flag tablecloth on it. Even better, why not get creative and even make the decorations yourself.


You can't have a Platinum Jubilee celebration without some afternoon tea, with finger sandwiches. Concentrate the menu on good local food. Consider Coronation Chicken with mayonnaise, spring onions, and mustard cress. Cakes, particularly trifles, are also very important on the Queen's Jubilee. Use food covers and cake boxes to keep your food fresh on the table throughout the day. Make sure you have enough cutlery and crockery for all of your guests and decorate the table with a tablecloth and a centerpiece. We have all you need to prepare for a perfect spread, in-store!


Set up a separate drinks table if there is room – a folding table covered with a cloth will give you a place to chop lemons and limes and keep an ice bucket and glasses, helping to keep the dining table clearer (and will also provide another opportunity for decoration) If the weather is warm, consider purchasing a cool box to keep your drinks cold.

Invest in a Gazebo

Make an outdoor environment that even the Queen would be proud of! Check out our gazebos for the ultimate outdoor luxury centerpiece, providing privacy and shade, while preserving a traditional motif. Remember to decorate your gazebo to keep the Jubilee theme going.

And why not make a relaxing seating area for your guests under your gazebo with fairy lights and comfortable camping and garden chairs like the ones we have in-store. Cushions and blankets can be used to make your seating area more cozy and comfortable.

Stay Warm

You can't go wrong with fire pits when it comes to patio heating ideas for summer parties in general. It's easy to build a fire in the pit (pictured) and the design allows for you to enjoy the evening around an open campfire or a BBQ with friends. It's a terrific alternative to a patio heater if the evening turns chilly. If your looking for the perfect fire pit or patio heater we have plenty in stock.

Get Out Your Garden Furniture

Some people are planning a neighbourhood street party, while others simply want to throw an alfresco dinner in their garden. Bring out your valued outdoor dining set if you prefer the latter. Make sure your garden furniture is clean and free of dirt and debris before the party; clean with soap and water and, if necessary, apply furniture paint.

Enjoy The Party

Once all of the party planning is completed, sit back and relax, enjoy your day, and raise a glass to Her Majesty the Queen. And whatever your plans for the occasion, we hope our Jubilee party ideas have provided you with some royally fantastic inspiration!

 The long weekend runs from June 2nd to the 5th, with Jubilee activities continuing throughout the weekend. 


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