Going To University?

So, you’ve been accepted to university (well done!), and now you’re getting ready to make the big move and start higher education. There are some essentials that you must have whether you’ll be living in halls or a shared student house. Check out our helpful blog post to get you started: 


To start, bedding. Students require sleep and lots of it. Make sure your bed is fitted out with sheets (remember to bring a couple of sets), a duvet, and a pillow so you can recharge after long library sessions and countless parties and nights at the student union. Consider buying a mattress topper and some extra cushions to make your bed even more welcoming after a long day.

Decor & Electricals

When you get to your new accommodation, you'll want to make it feel like a home away from home. Hang photos of your friends & family, some fairy lights, and a poster or two to personalize  your bedroom. Throw in some plants as well (remember to water regularly). Don't forget to bring along some Blu Tack and pins to help you decorate! If you don't have much storage space, invest in some plastic drawers and plastic tubs to neatly store your possessions. Don’t forget your electrical items such as blue-tooth speakers, a fan heater for cold nights, and of course your laptop!

Kitchen & Accessories

During university, kitchen equipment frequently goes missing - you'll give things out, misplace others, or overcook some. With our extensive selection of culinary items, you can cook all year long. Everything from plates and cutlery to larger items like frying pans, pots, and air fryers are available in our stores and on Home Hardware Direct. Consider taking a kettle (because you can never have too many cups of tea), glasses and mugs (for said tea), Tupperware (keep down costs by taking your own lunch to the library), bin bags (massive essential), tea towels (for drying dishes and cleaning up), bottle opener (For those pre-bev drinks), chopping boards and baking trays.


Not to mention the main reason you're there - prepare for your seminars and lectures by purchasing new stationery and notebooks. Organising your workspace will assist you in keeping track of all your work and deadlines, so a tidy desk and pinboard are also beneficial. If your campus library isn't open 24 hours a day, you'll want to be able to keep working late at night with a mug of coffee and a desk lamp.

Cleaning & Laundry

Unfortunately, the cleaning will not be done by itself. Students are notorious for being messy but if you put off doing your chores, you'll soon find yourself quickly in a muddle. The essential cleaning materials are dishwashing liquid, tea towels, and laundry detergent, although you may sometimes wish to sweep or clean the floor so bring a brush, mop, and bucket. Make sure you have a bin to dispose of any rubbish. In terms of laundry, an indoor airer will keep your clothes from smelling damp, a laundry basket will keep all your dirty clothes together, and finally, bring along an iron board and iron to keep those clothes crease-free plus hangers for your wardrobe. Bring along bath towels and a bathmat for your bathroom and of course toilet roll and your toothbrush.

And remember, study hard, stay safe and enjoy the university experience, we hope this blog has given you some ideas on what to take with you when you start your term. Visit us in-store or shop online today at Home Hardware Direct for your university essentials. 

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