Since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic our gardens have become more important than ever.
They became an extension of our living space, a place to socialise and safely interact with others. With restrictions in place many took to gardening and DIY to pass the time or as a new hobby. In the year 2020 garden sales boomed with outdoor plants and compost being the most sought-after items along with garden décor and furniture. Since then, people throughout the UK have discovered the benefits of the outdoors and want to create the perfect garden for them and their families.  In this blog we will be discussing how to get your garden ready for summer and how to ensure you get the most out of your outdoor living space.

Weed Control

Start off with the basics, weeding. It is no lie that weeds are hard to keep at bay. They can appear in the strangest of places. Commonly they appear on patios, monobloc or grass.  The best way to keep them away is to purchase a concentrated weed killer spray such as Roundup, which is safe for children and pets. 

Lawn Maintenance

Keep your lawn neat and tidy by cutting the grass regularly. Aim to cut no more than 1/3 of the height of the grass. Cutting too short may leave you with an unhealthy, dry looking lawn. Use grass feed regularly to maintain a healthy, thick and green lawn.

Create an Outdoor Bar

Throughout the pandemic, due to restrictions, home bars have increased in popularity with many people converting their garden sheds to accommodate them. This provides an excellent opportunity to create a social space in your garden and put a spin on your own bar. Why not create your own outdoor garden bar using Cuprinol Ducks​back. This step-by-step guide will show you how to create a garden bar ready for summer.

Garden Furniture Maintenance

Maintain your garden furniture by regularly cleaning and treating them year after year. Clean down with a cloth and hot soapy water. if your furniture is wooden, apply teak oil or furniture paint to protect it from the weather. purchase a suitable storage cover for when the furniture is not in use. Throughout the winter months store your furniture away inside a garden shed or storage box. 

Barbecue Maintenance

Barbecue Maintenance. Depending on how you stored your barbecue from the previous summer will determine how much you need to do to get it ready for this summer. First off, check the barbecue for rust and remove, either with a wire brush or steel wool. Secondly, give the barbecue a good clean. Use hot soapy water and a cloth for this. And lastly check if there is any paint missing, touch up patchy areas using Plastikote BBQ Paint. Also keep the barbecue covered when not in use.

Enjoy the Summer!

Last but not least, once all the preparation and work is done, simply sit back and enjoy the summer in your garden. 

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