In the Summer months when the sun is shining our garden becomes an extension of our indoor living space. Whether it is relaxing outside reading a book or having a garden party with outdoor dining, it is these months that we get to really enjoy our outdoor space. We have put together some things you should be doing in your garden in these warm months to ensure you get the most from your outdoor space!

Get the lawnmower out!

You should be mowing your lawn frequently in these warmer months. Aim to cut no more than a 1/3 of the height of the grass. Cutting too short will result in an unhealthy, dry looking lawn! You could also use a lawn feed to keep your lawn healthy, thick and green!

Weed Control

Keeping weeds at bay can seem like a never-ending task, but there are several ways you can keep them under control! For larger areas, you can use a garden sprayer filled with a concentrated weed killer. For smaller areas, you could use a ready to use weed killer spray. If you have pets or young children in the garden, you could use the garden weed burner, it gets rid of weeds without using toxic chemicals!  

Treat Your Shed & Fence

It is the perfect time to give your shed and fence a coat of paint to revitalise the colour and to give it some protection from the hot sunny days (or summer showers!)

Garden Furniture Maintenance

It’s important to take care of your garden furniture to ensure they are fit for use every year! Give your garden furniture a clean with warm soapy water and then dry thoroughly with a cloth. If your furniture is wooden, apply a teak oil or furniture stain to protect it from the weather. Don’t forget to get a good furniture cover for when it’s not in use!  

Barbecue Maintenance

Depending on how well you stored your barbecue last Summer will determine how much you need to do to have it fit for use this year. Have a look at your barbecue for any rust. Remove any rust with a wire brush or steel wool. Give the barbecue a good clean with warm soapy water and then dry thoroughly with a cloth. You can touch up any patchy areas with Plastikote BBQ paint and don’t forget a good BBQ cover for when it’s not in use!


Once all the cleaning and prep work is done in the garden, it is time to enjoy! Put your feet up, sit back and enjoy your outdoor space.

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