Stepladder Safety Instructions


EN131 - For Domestic Use Only

Before Use

  • Read all the instructions on and accompanying the ladder before use.
  • Check the maximum load indicated on the ladder.
  • Ensure that you are fit enough to use the ladder.
  • Certain medications, medical conditions or drug and alcohol abuse could make the use of a ladder unsafe.
  • Ensure that the ladder is the suitable type for the task you are using it for.
  • Inspect the ladder before each use to ensure there is no damage and that it is safe to use.
  • NEVER use a damaged ladder.
  • Check that the feet of the ladder are clean and secure.
  • Ensure that the ladder is free of any contamination such as wet paint, water, oil, dirt or snow.
  • Do not modify the ladder.

Positioning The Ladder

  • When positioning the ladder, consider the risk of collision with the ladder e.g. from pedestrians, vehicles, doors and windows etc.
  • Identify any electrical risks in the work area, such as overhead lines or other exposed electrical equipment.
  • Do not use the ladder where electrical risks occur.
  • Do not erect the ladder on contaminated ground. Ladders should not be positioned on slippery surfaces (such as ice, oil, shiny surfaces or other contaminated solid surfaces).
  • Ladders should be positioned on a level, solid surface. Ladders should not be positioned on an unfirm or uneven surface.
  • Stepladders should not be used as a leaning ladder.
  • Ladder should be erected at the correct position with the rungs or treads level.
  • Ensure that the ladder is opened fully before use.
  • Locking devices (if fitted) should be fully secured before use.

Using The Ladder

  • Do not exceed the maximum total load (load includes user, tools, materials, etc.)
  • Maximum number of users on the ladder is 1.
  • Do not wear unsuitable footwear when climbing a ladder.
  • Do not ascend or descend unless you are facing the ladder.
  • Keep a secure grip on the ladder when ascending and descending.
  • Ensure you always have 3 points of contact whilst working on a ladder.
  • Do not stand on the top hand rail.
  • Do not overreach, user should keep their centre inside the stiles and both feet on the same step throughout the task.
  • Avoid work that imposes a sideways load on ladders.
  • Do not carry equipment which is heavy or difficult to handle while using a ladder.
  • Do not step off the side of ladder onto another surface.
  • Ladders should only be used for light work or a short duration.
  • Do not move the ladder while standing on it.