June is National Camping Month and we are so excited! Whether you are heading to many of the great festivals taking place this year or just enjoying the great outdoors – camping is a fun and cheap way to have a break. Just grab your tent, sleeping bag and remember those essentials you may need listed below and off you go!

Spare Tent Pegs

Don’t you just hate when you haven’t been camping in a while, go to pitch up your tent and half of your tent pegs are missing? Well we have spare metal & plastic tent pegs available in store.



Don’t let midges or mosquitoes ruin your enjoyment of the great outdoors. Developed and tested in Scotland by midge experts in the harshest conditions, Smidge contains a dastardly ingredient that works by cleverly throwing the little bleeders off our scent. It’s scientifically proven to provide instant, sweat-proof protection for up to 8 hours and is DEET-free. Safe for all the family from 2+ years.

Folding Camping Chair

After you pitch up your tent, sit back and relax on this green folding camping chair. It includes a drink holder in the arm rest, perfect for relaxing and taking in the scenery!



You don’t want your good shoes getting ruined, remember your wellies! You can layer up with cosey socks underneath, they will keep your feet dry and they are easy to clean!


An airbed can make your camping trip luxurious! Not only is it comfier than laying on the tent floor with just a sleeping bag, but it can help you stay warmer as well as you are lifted from the cold ground.

Airbed Pump

This handy carry size battery powered pump is 100% portable. With three valve adaptors, inflating and deflating your airbed is super easy! Requires 4 x D batteries (not included)

Hat with Torch

Keep your head warm and your hands free with this 60 Lumen rechargeable LED Beanie Hat. The hat features a LED that has three lighting modes (100%, 75% & 50%) Ideal for hands free use, repairs, inspection work, dog walking, camping, DIY and more! It has a Lithium 3.7v battery that is charged by USB.


We have a range of battery & gas lanterns available in store to give your camping area some light!

Portable Gas Stove

This Portable Gas Stove from Summit has variable heat settings that make it super simple to whip up delicious meals while camping. Comes with a portable carry case. Don’t forget your butane gas cartridge!

Disposable BBQ

If you prefer the authentic smoked barbecue over gas cooking, then this instant barbecue is for you. Ready to cook in 20 minutes and can cook for up to 1 and a half hours (approx). Don’t forget your matches to light it!

Can Opener

Remember a can opener to help open those tinned foods! (its also a bottle opener too)

Cookware, Cutlery & Plates

We have a range of portable pans, stove top kettles, disposable cutlery, plates & foil trays with lids for keeping your cooked food sealed.

First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen on camping trips. You may need some wipes to clean a cut and a plaster to keep the dirt out. This handy first aid kit contains the essentials.

Bin Bags

A roll of bin bags are handy, not only to put all your rubbish in over the space of your camping trip, but you can also store your dirty wellies in a bag instead of getting your tent dirty!

Stormsure Tuff Tape

Leaks in tents or rips in your waterproof jacket can ruin a camping trip when the weather changes! Stormsure Tuff Tape is unbelievably tough, abrasion resistant, stretchy, waterproof, self adhesive and INSTANTLY repairs nearly everything! This is a must have for every campers backpack!


Water carrier, Toilet Roll, Hand Sanitizer, Mallet

Please note, the products advertised are available at the time of this post being published. However, the prices and stock availability may change at any given time. Please check with your local store to ensure they have stock available before making a long journey.

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