The KeySafe benefits from a strong heavy duty body to resist attack and is fully weather resistant. It has 10,000 combination possibilities and gives secure access for combination holders only.

Suitable for door & padlock keys up to 10cm in length, you never have to leave your key under the plant pot again!


The keysafe combination is preset to 0-0-0-0. On first use, make sure that the combination is set to 0-0-0-0 and then pull the black lever button down to open the front of the safe.

To create your own secret combination, slide the reset pin on the inside of the safe from ‘position a’ to ‘position b’. With the safe still open, rotate the 4 dials on the front to the combination you desire. Ensure the numbers are positioned centrally and have clicked into position.

Once the combination on the front matches the code that you want, slide the reset pin from ‘position b’ back to ‘position a’. Close the safe and check the operation of the keysafe using the new combination.

The keysafe should be mounted on to a solid wall using the fixings included. Wall plugs should be used for masonry and brick walls. Position the keysafe in a discreet location for maximum protection.

When ready to use, insert keys into the storage area of the safe, close the lid and then scramble the dials to lock it. Slide the black front cover up over the dials.

Please keep your combination code somewhere safe for future reference. Rotate the dials frequently to keep them moving freely.

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