How to care for your wooden garden furniture

Wood is a hardwearing, natural product but in order to maintain the appearance and prolong the life of your wooden garden furniture, you should follow these easy steps.

•Firstly, you will want to remove any debris from your furniture set. This could be moss, dried dirt or bird droppings. You can use a soft scrubbing brush for this, ensuring your furniture is clear before moving to the next step.

•You then want to clean your wooden garden furniture with hot soapy water and a sponge, or you could use a cleaning fluid specifically made for your hardwood furniture. Remember to rinse the cleaning product from the furniture afterwards.

•You should lightly dry the furniture using a microfibre cloth, ensuring there is no excess water left on the surface.

•If your furniture is still dirty in places, you can lightly sand it after cleaning, just ensure you brush away any dust that remains from sanding.

A surface coating is vital in protecting your wooden furniture from premature darkening or splitting when exposed to the elements. To ensure that the wood is protected from moisture and the furniture continues to look its best, you should treat your furniture. Depending on the style and colour that you want, will determine the kind of treatment you should use.

Oil Treatment

Treating with an oil not only nourishes and protects your furniture, but it replaces natural oils giving back the sheen that is lost after long periods of weathering.

Wood Stain

Treating with a wood stain such as Cuprinol’s Garden Furniture Stain, not only provides a long lasting water repellent barrier, but adds rich colour to softwood and a light tint to hardwood.

Wood Treatment

You could also use a wood treatment such as the Everbuild Triple Action Wood Treatment that kills and protects against wood rot, decay, fungi and wood-boring insects. It penetrates deep into the wood for long lasting protection.

Wood Paint

To bring colour to your garden, you can use a wood paint. Cuprinol Garden Shades offer a wide range of special pigments that ensure a rich colour and allow the natural texture of the woodgrain to shine through. It also provides a 6 year weather protection.

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