Are you thinking of decorating but unsure what colour to choose and if it will suit the surroundings? The Dulux Visualizer app is a great tool for 'trying on' different paints in your room without actually having to physically put paint on your wall! Download the app on your phone and trial the colours on your wall in real time. Once you have an idea of what ones you like, pop into one of our stores and grab a tester!

Colours to Inspire

Did you know that different colours make you feel something different? Keep this in mind when choosing the right colour for each room. You're bedroom should feel calm and relaxed allowing you to get a good nights sleep, where you're dining room should provoke sociable behaviour. Look at the colour guide below and also the video explaining how you can use these colours to compliment one another.
Blue is a calming colour, helping you relax and clear your mind.
Yellow is a colour to brighten your mood and spark energy.
Green is a natural colour that is great for anxiety and helps to clear the mind.
Purple is a rich colour that gives off a romantic, luxurious and creative vibe.
Orange sparks energy and enthusiasm.
White is a clean, pure colour that is very neutral. It makes a room feel more spacious and can be used alongside any other colour.
Pink provokes feelings of love, kindness and playfulness and helps relieve anger.
Red can be a romantic colour, however it also linked to rage and irritability.
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