Growing your own strawberries is easy and satisfying. Follow the 7 steps below to make the tastiest fruit.

Step 1

Finding the right location is paramount. The best location will have plenty of sun, sheltered from the wind and in well-drained soil.

Step 2

Strawberries can be grown in pots, growing bags or in the ground. They should be planted with the crown showing above the soil. If growing in the ground, make sure the area is free of weeds to reduce the competition for vital nutrients.

Step 3

Water frequently while new plants are establishing but be careful not to water-log. Water from the bottom as water from overhead can rot the crown and fruit. You can give strawberry plants a liquid potash feed every week to fortnight.

Step 4

As the fruits start to grow, spread bark underneath them to prevent the strawberries from touching the ground and rotting. This will also help to keep the weeds away. If any weeds do appear, remove them by hand.

Step 5

You should cover the fruits with netting to stop them being eaten by birds. But be careful and make sure that the sides of the netting does not touch the fruit as this can disrupt the growth and cause bruising

Step 6

When the strawberries are bright red all over, they are ready for picking! Enjoy them on their own, make them into jam, freeze them to keep them good or use them for some tasty recipes!

Step 7

After the plants have stopped producing fruits for the season, remove the old leaves with secateurs or hand shears. Also remove the bark and netting. This provides the best setting for the next season. Strawberry plants can crop successfully for three years before replacing them.

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