Summer has passed and the colder, darker nights are fast approaching. We have put together some steps below for what you should be doing in your garden this Autumn.


With the leaves falling off the trees, it is easy for your garden to start looking untidy. Use a garden blow vacuum to get rid of the leaves and with a mulching option, it reduces the size of the waste! Cut back and remove any flowers or plants that are withering and replace with winter bedding plants. You should also rake your lawn to remove any dead grass.


You should give your garden furniture and barbecue a good clean. Brush off any dirt/debris and give a good wash with warm soapy water and then dry thoroughly. Any gardening tools should be cleaned and sharpened.

Guttering can become clogged this time of year with fallen leaves, give them a good clean. Did you know we stock hedgehog gutter brush which prevents your gutters from getting blocked?


Continue to mow your lawn if the grass is still growing and repair any bare patches with grass seed. Aerate your lawn to allow good drainage from those autumn showers. Finally, you should use Evergreen Autumn Lawn Care. This multi-purpose product feeds your lawn to encourage stronger roots while killing any moss leaving you with a greener, tougher lawn.


Prepare your garden for the colder months ahead. Make sure that any outbuildings are completely weatherproof. Check and replace roofing felt if needed and make sure that window frames etc are all sealed properly. You should also support any trees and plants to avoid breakage from high winds. Use drain-covers to avoid blockage from fallen leaves. Install a water butt to make good use of the rain. If you don’t have somewhere dry to store your garden furniture, you should purchase a cover to keep it in good condition ready for next year. Barbecue and rotary airer covers also available. 

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